“The correctness of the educational process is tested by child’s happiness” [Maria Montessori]

We implementan original, comprehensive, educational program created by Elzbieta Dominik, based on both Janusz Korczak’s upbringing system and on Mari Montessori’s pedagogy – School of life and friendship for nursery school children “Garden Marysienka”.


Program includes:

Educational classes with:

  • Creative and educational activities with Maria Montessori’s development materials.
  • Learning English and Spanish through games (elements of an introductory course to a foreign language).
  • Reading lessons – reading books to children, learning poems, nursery rhymes, countings, riddles, word games, fairy tale therapy “bajkoterapia”.
  • The orthophonic and speech therapy.
  • Implementation of “W kręgu zabaw („Ring of games”) program by JUKA Publishing House.
  • Implementation of „Dziecięca matematyka”/ Maths for children/ program.
  • „Traveller’s Club” – geography lessons.
  • Corrective and compensatory classes.



  • Gymnastics with elements of posture-correction.
  • Trips, walks, outside games on fresh air.
  • Fun activity with singing.
  • Sports activities.

Art lessons:

  • Painting and drawing.
  • Theatre, preparing short scenes, performances and artistic shows.
  • Music therapy, listening to  music, singing, using simple instruments.

The program of our site takes into account the goals and aims of early pedagogical intervention thus giving children the possibility to join specialistic activities such as therapeutical activities, sensorial integration, speech classes.

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