“Teacher must be like a ray of light whose warmth activates, revives and invites…” [Maria Montessori]

Our work with children is based on our own educational experience, working methods and individual artistic, linguistic and scientific skills. Thanks to that we create a diversified, complementary and devoted to children team.

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Elżbieta Dominik – principal, head teacher, Montessori teacher, re - educator, pedagogue therapist, primary education teacher, the University of Warsaw.


Monika Dominik - English and Spanish lecturer, teacher,  Institute for Teacher Advancement "Edukacja"; an architect, a drawer and a designer, teacher at Lineare art school in Warsaw. Warsaw University of Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU Trondheim. www.monikadominik.blogspot.com

Inspired by traveling and people, who put their heart in whatever they do. Working with children strongly influences the character of her art and architectural activities. Her infporation for working with children is nature and being outdoors. Incorporates info daily life a Norwegian saying: "there is no such thing as bad weather, only wrong clothes!"

Montessori Method and its resemblence in child's development is an everlasting wonder. 

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Marta RafalskaEnglish lecturer, Warsaw University. Teacher, teacher preparatory postgraduate studies, Institute for Teacher Advancement "Edukacja".

Passionate about human development, the social role of a coach, mentor.  Her professional life is devoted to supporting the individual pottential of each adult or child. Morover foreign languages, English especially, take special place inher activities with children.


Essential supervision is performed  by Mr Elżbieta Dominik, the principal.



Joanna Basaj - supporting teacher, sensorial integration therapist, pedagogue therapist, re-educator, primary education teacher, the University of Warsaw.

Małgorzata Rudnicka - clinical psychologist, Psychological Skills' Coach, psychologist with a great experience within the educational system including different levels (children, youth, adults).



At the preschool premises work students as interns and volunteers.



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