Mari Montessori’s method – is a compact educational system which covers all stages of human development from birth to adolescence. It is a life philosophy, attitude towards the world fully supported by the most renowned thinkers. Montessori marks a path for good living habits and a sense of responsibility. People gathered around this philosophy form a community and have a sense of belonging. Montessori’s method means respect, transparent relationships among people, life based on simple rules and truth. It is an education for whole life. Montessori teaches children how to think for themselves, how to find and develop their own unique talents and skills. In this active environment children open their minds and blossom. They feel passion for learning. Inspired, they become active in adult life. They feel fully motivated which is unheard of in traditional teaching. They work not because they await an award or are afraid of punishment but thanks to an internal conviction, need and a sense of honor. Montessori offers a wide vision of education treated as a help to human life. It is based on rules rooted in natural child development.

Montessori/s methods comprise:

  • Start education from every day life,
  • Learning by action,
  • Carefully choosen  best didactic material,
  • Individually tailored level of requirements,
  • Learning self- dependence and freedom,
  • Mixed age groups,
  • Fully equipped study rooms.

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