Maria Montessori’s education system is based on transparent relationships and clear rules. Children learn how to be independent and how to improve their own talents. In Montessori’s world children do not need an award or punishment to be fully motivated. It is a very coherent system in which children have a sense of belonging. It allows them to develop their unique talents and skills and to become active members of the society.

It is essential in Montessori’s world to set up clear rules and to create  proper environment for children. This well-prepared environment enhances child’s development through freedom of task choice. Montessori’s teachers always respect children’s intelligence and care about their abilities. The role of the teacher (sometimes called director, directress, mentor or guide) is therefore to watch over the environment  and to remove any obstacles that would interfere with this natural development. The teacher's observation role sometimes includes experimental interactions with children to resolve misbehavior or to show how to use the various self-teaching materials that are provided in the environment for the children's free use. The Montessori school rooms are designed to fulfil their potential.

In Poland Montessori education system is getting more and more popular. It has started to be recognised as one of the best ways of teaching children. The problem is that some schools are just pretending to use Montessori methods.

For many years I have worked as a teacher in  public schools. I have received very specialistic education as an early- school teacher, re-educator and pedagogue therapist. I have got both parent and teacher experience. My work is my passion and I know every aspect of it. I decided to be a teacher when I was 35. It was the beginning of Polish transformation. I was a mother with two daughters. I had a strong belief in teaching and education system. But after years reality came to be different. The system did not seem to work, and then I found out that the pedagogy of Montessori is my world.

Janusz Korczak was my mentor. I always followed his rules and methods in my educational experience. It is upsetting that different teaching methods are not actually used in practise. Just like with Maria Montessori’s techniques. I studied them at the University but never was given the chance to use them while teaching in the public school.

Teachers have an influence on children. So it is important to realise that every single world we say and everything we do is absorbed.  Without describing what is good or bad the knowledge we give is worthless. It is important to give the foundations of ethical attitude and to teach tolerance.

Tension and stress that currently accompany the pupils are greater than they were a few years ago. There were attempts to change this situation by creating working groups and arranging school trips. But all these positive ideas did not work out because the core of the system was not changed. Rigid schedules and programmes mean that children have to work hard at home, which leaves them little time for other activities.
When you look at polish education system you see strict schedules, high expectations and pressure. There is no place for enjoyment. If school gives a chance for pupils to learn as much as they can in classroom they have more time to themselves at home. But what you can see is children coming back from school overwhelmed with their homework. So in fact school does not fulfil its own obligations.

In Montessori’s system children learn from everyday life starting from simple choices ending on more complicated decisions.  The traditional teaching methods expect a child to know certain things before they had chance to learn them. The child is forced into situation which he or she does not accept.Frustration sets in.

Teacher should be aware of children’ mistakes and problems. But they also should understand that for children it is hard to admit when they have done something wrong. This is the method used by Korczak. He said: “You quick-tempered, throw a punch, not too hard. Be angry but once a week... only. “  In a group or in a classroom there should be clear rules. But still children should know they are a part of a group. Korczak created a brilliant method to motivate and encourage children. Once a week he was having small BETS with pupils. The award for keeping the promise- be angry but once a week- was small but   something special... the child has beating its own weakness.

The core of the self-governing institution in Korczak’s educational system was pupil’s court. The aim of this court was not to punish or condemn a child. Korczak believed in children’ sense of justice and his main goal was to make them understand what is wrong and what is good.
Another important method in Korczak's system was debate. By discussing worries children learned how to solve their own problems. Debate helped to create a special bond, based on trust and partnership,  between children and teacher. But not only conversation and debate was important for Korczak. He created an idea of notice board where children could find out important things about school rules, new events as well as other educating entertainment like news about weather, puzzles and different kind of lists like wake up early, saving list, child develop list (weight, height). Another method used by Korczak was letter box. Every child could at any time leave a letter in the box with their thoughts and problems.
This taught children how to formulate problems. It was a great way for shy children to speak up.  Other Korczak’S ideas were school newspapers and week duties.  All this methods had one goal – child’s self-improvement.

After years spent in a public school I realized that the most important is to create proper environment for children where they can safely and freely rise skills and build up self esteem. This is when I decided to create a complex education program based on Korczak and Montessori methods called “Marysienka Garden” School of life and friendship for children. This program I implemented in a private infant school.

Both Maria Montessori and Janusz Korczak were great personalities. Her method limited teacher’s control over children and allowed them to enjoy more freedom. She pointed out the parents’ role in the bringing up of children.  Maria Montessori method is focused on developing children’s speaking skills. Her main goal was to teach by acting where teacher is helping not controlling a child. Montessori created her own education system where everything is clear and logic, ensures spontaneity as well as creativity. All didactic material is suited to children needs and skills. It stimulates and motivates children because it allows them to learn from their own mistakes. Public education system does not allow mistakes. When a child does not know something he is given a bad note. This is not the way to open child to new experiences. Children taught with Montessori methods learn independence and are curious about the world.

Montessori didactic materials can be divided into several  categories. One of them is full of practical exercises about every day life. These help children to learn how to live in adult life. Children learn basic things like how to clean up, how to squeeze  juice and pour it. Sensor method is another category. It develops all child’s senses. It also brings harmony and order to children’ life. Specially designed Montessori rooms strengthen sensor method.  Children always have a chance to choose or change the place they work or play in.

Montessori’s method is fascinating and motivating not only for children but also for teachers. They understood the true benefits of Montessori method on course preformed by Polish Montessori Institute. While in public school children learn the same at the same time in Montessori world children do different thing. For example John is polishing a silver spoon (every day life material), Mary works with color boards (sensor material) and learn which colors are the same, Kate works on blanket with blocks and learn measures, Jacob puts the letters into word (language material), Julie exercises with spindles and learns to count (math material). This is true multileveled education system where children learn by senses not by formulas.

Montessori method is focused on individual child’s needs. All children have their development books where teachers and parents can put all information about child ‘ development. The main teacher’s task is to stimulate children so they can learn from their environment and every day life routine.

The classroom is either inside or outside so children can learn about plants and animals in their natural environment. Children working in mixed age groups learn about tolerance. They are teachers as were as pupils to each other. Children work alone or cooperate in small groups.

Why to choose Montessori method? These techniques concentrate on children’s needs. Help them improve their skills; develop self-esteem so they are prepared for life in a public school. 

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