Within the monthly rate children take part in all of the programme activities (including daily Montessori Work Cycle, bilingual day at preschool: Polish/English and Polish/Spanish) and activities with the specialists (speech-therapy classes, sensory integration, physiotherapy, music, dance classes, natural classes). Moreover children take part in all kinds of educational excursions such as visits to: museums, theatres, educational centres, playrooms etc., outings and other events and ceremonies with gifts.

The daycare is open from 7:00-6:00 p.m. Multiple options are available.

Children might be admitted to several programmes:

  1. Full Montessori Programme: 7:00-6:00pm 
    • Fee: 1 460 PLN/month paid in advance for children at the age of 2,5 after successfully completing the adaptation period
    • Food: 18 PLN / day. (More information in Food below)
    • For children younger than 2,5 years old (toddlers) and children over 2,5 years old who did not successfully complete the adaptation period (including children who did not finish potty training) the monthly fee is settled individually. The monthly fee int this case is between 1800-2300 PLN depending on the age and developmental stage of the child. 
  2. Adaptation classes:
    • Option provided for the children who are adapting to the Full Montessori Programme.
    • Obligatory minimum 50h of adaptation classes, depending on the child´s emotional and physical possibilities; We recommend to start the adaptation period initially with 2-4 hours/day 2-3 times a week and gradually extend the time spent at preschool. The adaptation period should last between 1-3 months and is settled by the head teacher and Parents and depends on the stay’s frequency and child’s readiness.
    • Standard fee 30 PLN / hour or individual according to the child's needs, paid in advance.
  3. Discounts for siblings.
  4. Lower payment for large families.


The preschool offers high quality meals with natural ingredients. The Parent covers 18 PLN/day, what makes up 80% of the total cost of the daily alimentation. The preschool funds the remaining part.

The price of the food includes:

  1. Full day feeding, including:
    • two dish breakfast,
    • two dish lunch with a dessert,
    • tea/snack.
  2. Varied high quality meals, prepared based on zdrowyprzedszkolak.pl portal;;

  3. Natural diet based on natural groats, vegetables, fruit, country poultry, natural dairy products, freshly squeezed juices, country eggs, fresh milk, high quality cold meats, fish, herbs and ecological products. All of the products come from reliable producers.

Dedicated to Parents who are looking for part-time options and at the same time wish their child took part in the life of a Montessori children’s group, learnt the social skills and took part in the educational and developmental activities organized at the preschool premises.
  1. Montessori Mornings: 7:00 – 12:00
    • Fee: 1 100PLN / month paid in advance
    • Children at age 3 and older
    • Everyday stay
    • Food prepared by the Parent
    • Possibility of purchasing breakfast at the cost of 5 PLN/day.
  2. Montessori Club:
    • Fee: 960PLN / month paid in advance 
    • Children at age 3 and older
    • Stay: two full regular days / week, declared by the Parent
    • Food prepared by the Parent
    • Possibility of purchasing full day meals at the cost of 18 PLN/day.
  3. Montessori hour packs:
    • Fee: 25PLN / hour (children at age 3 and older)
    • Monthly pack of 50 hours minimum, paid in advance
    • Food prepared by the Parent
    • Possibility of purchasing full day meals at the cost of 18 PLN/day.
  4. Summer time Programmes:
    • Daily Programme: 120 PLN/day (at a longer stay)
    • Hourly Programme: 20 PLN/hour (children at age 3 and older) + Food 18 PLN / day,
    • Available daily, weekly, monthly payment paid in advance.
    • Other options are possible after consultation with the head teacher.

 Within the monthly rate we offer:

• Everyday Montessori work cycle accompanied by valuable educational situations according to the Montessori Curriculum Areas: Practical Life (Everyday Living Skills), Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, Culture;
Very good pedagogical care in a family-like atmosphere created by well trained and highly qualified constant personnel;
„Outdoor sessions" – everyday outings and time spent outdoors in natural surroundings with diversed terrain. This allows children to stay healthy and avoid becoming sick. Nature stimulates creativity, it allows children to soothe not only body but also mind.
Everyday language classes with the language teacher based on hands-on activities with various educational materials;
• Versatile stimutation through various classes run by specialists: pedagogical classes, speech therapy and language classes, natural classes, dance classes, music and theatre classes, sport classes, art classes and culinary classes.
• All additional classes, expenses relating to various ceremonies and excursions are included in the monthly fee.



The admission is done throughout the whole year. The adaptation period is settled individually according to the child’s needs and possibilities.


Every child will be provided with a special notebook where Parents as well as teachers will leave notes and information. Our nursery school posseses relevant documentation like statutes, parents‘s contracts, questionnaire. Children are brought to the kindergarden and are picked up from the kindergarden by parents or by authorized person/ guardian.



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